Compounding | West End Pharmacy

The compounding of medication is a very intricate procedure that requires extreme precision and attention to detail. At West End Pharmacy, our experts are committed to keeping up to date with the latest technologies, procedures, and equipment related to compounding. Our specialists are able to create medications that target specific issues while minimizing side effects.

At West End Pharmacy we acknowledge that everyone is a unique individual! Hence, our compounding specialists are dedicated to accommodating all of our client’s personal needs. With approval from your physician, our specialists are happy to adjust the dosage, strength, and sensitivity of any medication. We can even add your favorite flavor and scent to the compound formula so it is easier to digest! Furthermore, our specialists can remove the dyes, preservatives, gluten, and lactose to make the medication allergen free! These compounding procedures are extremely beneficial when it comes to prescribing medication for children and the elderly.